Welcome to the Monark Exercise corporate site.

The Monark Exercise family today consists of four business areas.

MONARK CYKELSERVICE (operationg on the Swedish market) and the Swedish distribution of BIANCHI.

Monark Exercise have over 100 years of experience in bicycle production. A tradition that has yielded know-how, experience, and a real feel for the product and quality. In our world everyone shall have the opportunity to achieve top performance. This applies irrespective of whether you are an adult lerning to walk again after an injury, training hard for the olympics, or require a spare wheel on your bike.

Daniel Mäkinen, Managing Director Monark Exercise


A century has passed since the first Monark bike left the factory. Today, Monark has achieved recognition as the leading brand worldwide. A large part of this success is based on our professional pride and history. We take pride in manufacturing our products and recognize their value to our customers. The Monark brand has become synonymous with quality, durability and precision.

There have been many changes in society since the first Monark ergometer was developed. These changes have brought new techniques and technologies but the laws of physics remain the same. At Monark we follow these technological developments and apply them to our products with the overall goal of enabling our customers to measure simply and accurately.

When you choose Monark, you are choosing knowledge. Each Monark ergometer is designed not only as a testing tool but also as a medical measuring instrument.


“Products for Life and Performance” In our world, all performers, among the users of our products, we find the Olympics and World Championships medalists as well as people who require a spare wheel on his bike. We are driven by a passion that everyone should be able to perform to their ability. To win their own performance.

Monark Exercise will sell products that help improve quality of life and increased performance. Our products will be developed to be attractive and high quality in its uses and better performance. Our products will be developed to be attractive and high quality within their applications.


Monark Exercise AB will supply products from an attractive range that meets the customer’s expectations in terms of quality, delivery and service. This will be achieved through:
• Customer focus
• High level of service
• Clear measurable goals
• Meet all applicable requirements and laws
• Constant improvement