With the knowledge and passion we have developed test and exercise bikes who can handle the toughest and most extreme loads. With a high performance characteristics and cycling experience are Monark Sports products the obvious choice among both Olympic medalists as atheletes who have high standards for their training. With the unique and accurate calibration method is the bikes trust of researchers in sports medicine worldwide.

  Till Produkterna
Medica show day 2
Medica show day 2 | 14-11-13

We going for day two of the Medica show.
We had a fantastic positiv feedback of our new range of testergometers.

Monark Novo
Monark Novo | 14-11-11

The accuracy never been better, the bikes never been faster and the feeling has never been better.
The Novo represents 60 years of knowledge from buildning ergometers the latest technologial inventions.