In customer service. If you are looking for a product for a specific purpose, maybe our standard range isn’t enough, then Monark Exercise has a genuine knowledge to work with the customer to create a custom product for the specific purpose. We make adjustments from our standard range to work with the customer to solve the specific problem.
Many of our custom products serve important functions that may involve custom ergometer bikes for work ECG as well as to get the morning newspaper brought to you by the newspaper boy on his custom postal bike.

Feel free to contact us and tell us your needs.
Below we show some products, often both highly specialized and very complex. Monark helps you to deal with the challenge. Obviously all the dependability that has made Monark both famous and the natural choice in many parts of the world.


Monark Workbike

We were given a mandate by the agency Grow and develop a bike to use for their errands. To visualize bike as a good choice for transportation, a sign was made with the message, one less car. Cycle chosen was Monark Workbike. The bike has the same frame as the proven bike we use for the Swedish Post, stainless steel components and a unisex frame geometry that allows 20kg in the front carrier while maintaining driving safety.

Postal bike equipped with Panasonic electric motor