Sweden has since 1993 a comprehensive law that specifies requirements for medical devices placed on the market. The base of this regulation is available in the act (1993:584) concerning medical devices and the regulations published by the Medical Products Agency. Our certificates can be found here:

EC certificate valid until 12 Oct 2020

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 valid until 2020-09-25

Cert of registration_Reg bevis LMV t.o.m. 2018-02-13

Declaration of Conformity Sports 2017-05-23

Declaration of Conformity Medical 2017-05-23

Free sales certificate valid until 2020-10-12

Incidents report:
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In the models LT2, LC4, LC6, LC7, RT2, and RC4 produced in 2016, we have discovered some cases of corroded parts. Monark Exercise is sorry for the inconvenience and urge customers who have purchased any of the above mentioned models in 2016, and where corrosion has accurred on the chrome details, to contact Monarch Exercises Support for Service and Warranty

The problem is due to varying quality of the the chrome plating. All parts have been returned to our subcontractor and will be replated.