Links to download the software for our Monark bikes:

Monark Touch

This software is adapted to be used on touch screen devices and smaller screens. Works with tablets as well as your laptop or PC (not windows RT).
The software is for performing and registration of tests and training. Use 939E software for creating groups, persons and custom protocols.
The 939E and Monark Touch software uses the same database and complement each other.
Use for 939E, 839E, 928G3, 831E, LC7, LC6 and LC4

Monark 828E software
Software used for the manual bikes, 828E and 874E, no data connection, it is a help to calculate VO2max at Åstrand, WHO or YMCA submaximal exercise test. 

Monark 928E software
Monark 928E software used for calculation of VO2max by Åstrand, WHO and YMCA submaximal exercise test in which data is transmitted from the bicycle to the display software. The test is controlled from the bicycle display and test stored in the computer software for analysis and printing. Use for 928E 

Monark Test software
Monark Test Software (Replace earlier 939E sofeware) allows you to manage and control the bike from the software. Calculation of VO2max by Åstrand, WHO or YMCA. The software also allows the programming of Custom protocol or Manual control. The tests will be stored and can be synchronized between different computers and users. Use for 939E, 839E, 928G3, 831E, LC7, LC6 and LC4, LT2 and RT2

Download test software

Monark ATS software
Monark ATS software used with Monark 894E for analysis of anaerobic tests, such as Wingate. Design your own tests with flying or standing start in one or more bouts. All test data is stored for analysis or export. Use for 894E and 891-2 (Wingate)